Welcome to Retrolista, the place where I express my passion for vintage (super)cars and share my adventures of exploring the wonderful world of cars. My name is Joeri, I’m from the Netherlands. Construction year 1985, father of three and husband of one ;). 

I always had a very broad interest and since the early days of the internet, I’ve been online ever since. My addition to information was so strong, that even without an internet connection I was able to spend hours behind a computer, exploring the wonderful world of Encarta Encyclopedia.

Retrolista is the result of over two decades in internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and my passion for cars. Although my mom and dad didn’t really gave anything about cars, I was just extremely attracted by them: scale models, R/C cars, Lego cars, posters all over my room, books, magazines, racing games, you name it. It was cars all over.

This is me with a Nikko Scale model of the Ferrari F40. A rubbish toy, but man what did I enjoy that tiny car!
Vintage Kids Dashboard
And what about this one?! I spent hours behind this wheel…!

But before I started Retrolista, I made somewhat of a sidestep by blogging about (custom) motorcycles on my blog BikeBrewers.com. And yes: bikes are wonderful machines that give you a great sense of freedom. And I still love bikes, but after a few years in this scene, I felt that I was losing the love for bikes over my real passion: cars! Since I was really building something with BikeBrewers, I asked a good friend to carry on my work so I got some headspace to follow my heart to cars (good job Ron!).

Next to my passion for cars, I’m the co-founder of a Dutch tech company where I’m the CMO, and responsible for all (online) marketing. I enjoy working with an international team and I really love ‘building’ the company together with some really nice people. The company cars I’ve driven were never boring and privately I’ve owned everything between a Seat Marbella (my first car) and a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. I enjoy cars both driving as well as looking at them and talking about them. My goal is to drive and own some of the most iconic cars in the world and share interesting stories with you. 

I’m blessed to call a beautiful 2020 ‘Aventuringrün’ Porsche 911 Carrera S my daily driver. Every single day I turn the ignition on, I smile from ear to ear. And on the days that I’m not driving, I can just simply enjoy the beauty. A 911 just never gets boring.

I hope you enjoy the content and if you want to reach out, feel free to contact me!

This is me with my 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S, which I’m grateful to call my daily driver.